The world's first "box of not chocolates" or others may have called it "the box of chocolates without chocolate."

Why has chocolate always been the go-to for gifting and special occasions? Aren't there other desserts and flavors people enjoy that don't go as well with chocolate? What kind of sweets can I give to those who don't like chocolate and/or are allergic? Well we have wondered these questions as well but instead of just answering, we came up with solutions.

Gift Ideas

Business Gifts

Business Gifts

Get that special someone in your office something they will actually enjoy,... 

  • Move over chocolate, time for all the other flavors to have their time to shine!

    I created this product because not all flavors have been treated equally. If you really want to show that special someone how unique and valued they are, give them a gift that is just perfect for them - not just the default you could just give anybody else.

  • Chocolate can be overpowering

    Have you ever had a chocolate-dipped strawberry? Of course you and I both have; And who doesn't love them? However, I bet you'd agree that the strawberry flavor would shine even more in strawberry shortcake, right?

  • Allergic to Chocolate?

    Symptoms of a chocolate allergy are usually mild, but in some cases, someone can experience a life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis. It is very serious, and for some people, the only way to avoid these problems is to avoid chocolate. However, true chocolate allergies are quite rare.